What is included with my stock icon purchase?

Each of the sets contained in our stock icon library include a variety of sizes, graphic formats, and color states suitable for Web, Windows, Linux, and Mac Applications.

Since these may vary depending on the style of icon chosen, it is recommended that you visit our Stock Icons page and select the icon set you are interested in to view its features and contents.

How are the icons delivered?

The images are downloaded directly from our site using our convenient member control panel.

Do you offer any discounts for purchasing multiple icon sets?

Yes, please see our current list of combos. We also have an annual subscription for those interested in acquiring our complete icon library.

Do you have any current promotions or special offers?

We offer a competitive upgrade discount for those who have purchased sets from one or more competing icon libraries. We also have a small business subscription program and a "Spread the Word" promotion for webmasters and bloggers.

Which environment(s) work best with the icons?

Any environment that supports 256 or more colors is suitable; a wide-range of available formats allows the icons to be used in a variety of settings covering software development, web design, digital and printed media, and more.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Purchase Order, and Wire Transfer.
If you prefer not to order using our secure online checkout, please see the alternate payment instructions.

What is an Icon Set?

An icon set is a grouping of icons put together for organizational purposes. While there are no specific guidelines on how icon sets should be organized, best practice is that the images they contain share a common theme and style. This ensures a consistent look and feel and allows companies to purchase a single set of icons pre-tailored to their specific industry or intended use. This term is also used synonymously with icon collection, icon package, and icon pack.

What is an Icon Library?

An icon library is a comprehensive or "complete" offering of icons composed of one or more icon sets.

Technical Note:
This term is often confused with the filetype '.ICL' (Windows Icon Library) which was popular years ago due to its ability to embed 100s of images into a single, but massive file. Windows icon libraries have since been discontinued by most icon companies in favor of compact, platform-independent formats such as PNG. For this reason, all of our bitmapped icon packs come in several different formats (GIF, PNG, ICO, BMP, etc.). This ensures full compatibility with every major operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.), most development platforms, and the World Wide Web.

Will your Vista Icons work on Windows XP?

Yes, all of our VISTA Icons are fully-compatible with the XP operating system and can even be used for web development by utilizing the GIF and PNG icons that we supply with each VISTA set. "Vista Icons" in the context of our site refers only to a "style" and not a specific ICO file format.

What type of license do the icons have? Can I make changes to the icons?

Please refer to our license agreement for all licensing-related questions.

Do you have any sample icons available for download?

Yes, you can download the icons here.

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